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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fulfillment companies: People, Expertise, Location, and Methods

Four elements of a profitable fulfillment company

The fact is, there is just simply no phenomenal formula to take care of your business perfectly and with 100 % efficiency. However, when you begin to outsource and better manage your resources, you can come pretty dang close. Hiring a fulfillment company could be just the boost you should have to make your life a little bit easier and your load a little bit lighter.

And, surprisingly, there is a magical-type formula to look for when choosing a fulfillment company. This solution consists of four vital elements which are: people, expertise, location, and methods. Let's take a little bit more detailed look at how each of these combine to create performance and prosperity.

Fulfillment companies: People, Expertise, Location, and Methods

The first element of consideration is people. As it should be. The people of a fulfillment company is composed of all types of employees, their professionalism and trust, and their investment in the success of your business. Upon meeting the workers of the service provider, ask yourself if they seem to be directly committed to upholding your company's reputation. If so, that company could be a good fit for your needs. If some of the people you speak with seem unprofessional, negligent, or unenthusiastic in their work or your business, you may want to reevaluate.

Second is expertise. Look for companies with an impressive reputation and a record of quality. Keep in mind that since the ecommerce industry is fairly modern, many fulfillment companies are fairly new as well. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't give them an chance, but instead, that you should ensure all your bases are covered before chancing it and authorizing a contract with them. Google customer testimonials and rankings and see what persons on the internet are saying about the service provider. Are they great at what they do? Do they tend your business, as well as theirs? They ought to be open and straightforward about their services and eager to answer any questions you might have.

Third is location. Do not choose a fulfillment company that is operating out of a backyard shed and clearly can not fulfill your orders. Make sure they have the space to take on another order and still be able to operate successfully.

The final point to consider is methods. Do they provide a system that gets the job done? Or do matters seem to be sloppy and, well, slightly disorderly? If they seem that way on the exterior, they surely are when you are not checking in. The key to customer satisfaction is effectiveness. Make certain the fulfillment company you decide on has a system that gets the job done and that can broaden to meet your business's needs.

Fulfillment service companies respect your business

Fulfillment services and ecommerce corporations

If you develop an unique product you just cannot wait to present to the public, you may be envisioning launching your very own ecommerce company. Obviously, with the way things are going nowadays, it's almost harder to launch a physical shop full of your goods than it is to merely start a company on the internet. While you will need to get the correct business license, figure out how you will sell your product, obtain a solid customer base, etc. you still have A GREAT DEAL more to worry about. Just where will you even start?

Fulfillment services are a tried and trusted type of outsourcing that gets the job done. These companies concentrate on a certain area of work so that you don't have to. Fulfillment service companies will store, process, pack, and ship your products to the customer in the most reliable fashion feasible. They operate so much more rapidly and efficiently than if you were to try to tackle this beast alone because they have a team of staff members and method of operations.

Fulfillment service companies respect your business

When selecting a fulfillment service company, you need to find one that is right for you. Obviously, you don't want to throw your money away on a company that doesn't work efficiently-- that would defeat the whole purpose in hiring them to begin with. Do your research, check out some testimonials, interview a number of fulfillment service companies, and select what feels right.

A good fulfillment company cares about their client's business reputation. They don't fret so much about receiving the honor and dignity of being efficient and doing a terrific job, but rather, they care about you and your company. They truly want to see your business prosper because they know, if your business doesn't succeed, neither will theirs. In the long run, it takes an entire group of people across all industries to integrate, collaborate, and work together to create a successful business.

Fulfillment service companies realize that you have customer service on the brain, so they aim to take that stress off your hands. As a matter of fact, they act as the intermediary between you and your customer, and, generally, they are relatively unnoticeable in the entire process. Most consumers do not even realize that the item they ordered came from a fulfillment company's warehouse and not your personal garage. The beauty of fulfillment services is that they are a relatively affordable way to hand over a big task and keep your company operating smoothly.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Fulfillment Companies

A Miracle Business Booster: Fulfillment Company

Although it may be a harsh reality to face, there is absolutely no magical formula to improve your business overnight. Many business gurus will tell you it can be done, but not without a significant amount of hard work on your part. There is no one way to send your sales through the roof, but there is a way to boost your company with a little research, a little money, and a little outsourcing. A fulfillment company can help you heal your business and get outstanding customer reviews.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Fulfillment Companies

There are a few ways fulfillment companies can help you increase customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that most fulfillment companies offer these basic services: a warehouse to store your products in a temperature-controlled and security regulated area, a team of employees to process orders via internet and phone, a team of employees to package your items carefully in boxes and bubble wrap, and a cost-effective way to ship your items quickly to consumers. 

While customers probably won’t care so much that their items are protected in your warehouse, they will want their orders processed quickly. Maybe you don’t want to hire a team of employees to handle orders and customer support, but you know you need it. Especially with such a growing ecommerce world. Customers want to be heard and they want easy support when they need it. Your fulfillment company can boost your customer satisfaction through their effective and patient customer support team.

Another way you can help customers feel secure with your company is by having their items packaged effectively. While they may not think about it a whole lot as they are tearing into their new package, they do care that their item is in good condition. Fulfillment companies can help you ensure that your packages arrive in one piece and in a package that helps protect it during the shipping process.

The third and final way a fulfillment company can help you boost customer satisfaction is their shipping speed and cost. These companies keep costs low because they get great discounts on packaging materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape from UPS and Fedex. This is because they ship such a high volume of goods and are able to carry on these low prices to your company. Customers will be thrilled when their package arrives a day or two earlier than usual and they got to pay a low price for a quick process.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Save Big Bucks with your Fulfillment Company

Fulfillment Company: A Powerful Tool for You

Did you know that a fulfillment company could be your most powerful tool in the competitive business and internet industry? Things get messy when the internet and business are combined, (even you know that) but you can be assured that a fulfillment company can reduce at least some of your stress along the way. All too many small business owners don’t know about the magical tool a fulfillment company can be, and far too few are utilizing this effective form of outsourcing.

Save Big Bucks with your Fulfillment Company

Even if you are already using a fulfillment company, you have to step back and ask yourself if the way it is being used is effective. Make sure you aren’t just throwing your money away…it is your fulfillment company’s responsibility to make sure you are saving money and boosting your customer base.

How can they save you money? Well, there is a plethora of ways, but here are a few of the most common. Let’s take a look:

First, they can save you from having to spend your valuable time posting jobs, interviewing, recruiting, and hiring a team of employees to do the very same things that a fulfillment company would do for you.  Good fulfillment companies already have this team in place and trained, and they are ready to serve your customers. 

They can also save you money on storage costs. They provide a quality warehouse that is temperature-controlled and protected by some sort of security system. It will be no surprise to you that the blazing Arizona sun can be damaging to almost any product (not just perishables). Don’t allow your goods to be ruined by sitting in your garage or at some ghetto storage unit out in the dessert. They are your most important asset and you need to make sure they are protected. 

Last, they can save you money by shipping your products to consumers cheaper and quicker than ever before. That is, perhaps, the biggest money saver of all. Need we say more?

Three Ways to Save Money with Fulfillment Services

Money Saving Strategies for Your Business: Fulfillment Services

There is never a better time to save money with your ecommerce company than the present. It’s high time to increase efficiency, grow your business, and have some extra green in your pockets. Get started with fulfillment services today!

Three Ways to Save Money with Fulfillment Services


1. Research, research, research! Before you even get started using fulfillment services, it is absolutely essential that you choose the right one. Otherwise, you could end up getting ripped off and paying a whole lot more than you had initially anticipated. Don’t sign a contract until you know all of the basic information about the fulfillment company, including their proven track record of saving other ecommerce companies money. There is no reason to settle for less than the best, especially when it is your company that you are so personally invested in is at stake.

2. You can breathe! Allow your chosen fulfillment services company to pack and ship your goods to consumers. It’s no longer up to you to handle all of these services yourself; you can allow the professionals to do their job at a low cost. Fulfillment services companies pack, process, and ship in the most cost-effective way possible because they specialize in that industry and are contracted to focus on what matters most with your company.

3. Analyze the data. You want to make sure your fulfillment services company truly is saving you money. Don’t just throw the data and statistics away they provide you with…you need to analyze them and check out how much you are saving. Keep ahold of these sheets and use them for your taxes. Hopefully, you will soon see that the fulfillment company is saving you a lot of time and stress, and, most importantly, money.

Tips for Hiring Fulfillment Services

Short-term Fulfillment Services just in Time for the Holidays

The holiday season isn’t quite over yet! Maybe you’re thinking about whipping out a few job postings for “holiday help.” However, your to-do list is long enough! Look into short-term fulfillment services to give your ecommerce company a helping hand this holiday season. Here are a few hiring tips to prepare for that much-anticipated holiday rush.

Tips for Hiring Fulfillment Services

1. Know what kind of help you need. This not only includes the people, but the hours, the dates, etc. Make predictions about your upcoming sales and know how many orders your warehouse can ship per hour. Use these numbers to estimate how many people you will need to meet your fulfillment services needs.

2. Communication is key. If you’re hiring fulfillment services workers only for the holiday season, make sure they know the position is only temporary. If you’re looking for something more long-term with fulfillment services, you will likely need to fill out a contract with a fulfillment company. If you’re creating a job posting for individual employees, clearly state the hours you will need them, any specific job requirements (lifting, etc.) and any knowledge you would like your employees to have.

3. Rehire. If you can and you were happy the previous year, try to rehire your employees from the year before. They will continue to return to you if you hire them faithfully and are consistent. This is an advantage because they likely will not more training or instruction on what to do.
Hopefully these warehouse hiring tips will help you bring in another successful new year this holiday season. To learn more about fulfillment services offered in your area, research “Phoenix, Arizona fulfillment companies” today!

Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Helpful Hints for Switching Order Fulfillment Services

Changing Order Fulfillment Companies

If you and your order fulfillment company have been together for too long, maybe it’s time to take a break. Sure, it can be a tough decision to make…these guys already know the ins and outs of your business, the bulk of your products, your customers, etc. But, if you aren’t seeing the results you had initially desired, you are throwing your money away. Here a few tips to keep in mind when considering a change in order fulfillment services.

Helpful Hints for Switching Order Fulfillment Services


1. Have a plan in mind. You need to have another order fulfillment company ready and waiting before you give your current fulfillment company the news. Make sure the new company is equipped to handle your business, customers, and products. Also, keep in mind that location is key—you need a fulfillment warehouse that is close to the bulk of your customers.

2. During the transition, be prepare to supply data. The transition from one fulfillment company to another likely will be a bit of a hassle, so you need to be prepared to share as much data as possible. Your new fulfillment company will want information such as: demand history and saels forecast, customer locations, sales information (how many items are sold on average per order?), and information about your inventory. Hang on to your data with your current order fulfillment company…it may come in handy.

3. Find ways the new fulfillment company will save you money. Unless the current company you are with is a total train wreck, the entire reason for switching is so that you can save money. It simply isn’t worth the hassle if you aren’t going to see better results. Ask the new order fulfillment company how they plan to save you money, especially based on the numbers you give them of your current outsourcing. They may even split the expense of the transfer with you.

4. Make the transition as smooth as possible. Don’t end on bad terms with your current company, but make the transition quickly. Fulfill your contract, inform the manager of your decision to switch, and get started with your new company as soon as possible. Make sure your customer service does not suffer during this process.