Best West Direct: January 2012


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best West Direct Fulfillment Corporation add new Capabilities to its Phoenix Fulfillment center

The additional equipment will provide increased flexibility and improve throughput for new and existing Fulfillment Service programs. The additional Xerox iGen4 is also equipped with the capability to handle a larger press sheet size (14.33” x 26”).
“Expanding our print production and finishing capabilities are in direct response to meeting the ever-changing needs of our Phoenix Fulfillment clients. We are excited about being able to offer expanded solutions using our in-house resources,” said Best West Direct Chief Operating Officer Dennis Lee. “Now, with our large sheet size capability, UV coating technologies, and expanded digital color printing equipment, we can offer our clients a wider range of cost-effective output options and fulfillment service.”
Best West Direct works with a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients across a number of vertical industries, including pharmaceutical, health care, financial services, consumer packaged goods, travel and leisure, and automotive. The company has been designing, implementing, and managing sophisticated end-to-end marketing fulfillment service since it was founded in 1985.
In 2007, Best West Direct expanded into variable digital printing and print-on-demand technologies. Today, the company has mirrored print and production facilities in both Arizona Fulfillment center and the Phoenix Fulfillment Center.
“According to a report published by the Winterberry Group, U.S. advertising spending on direct mail has increased 5% over the last two years and is expected to continue to grow in 2012,”. “This is definitely a trend we have seen with our Arizona Fulfillment clients and is one of the factors driving continued demand for high quality variable print."
About Best West Direct
Best West Direct is a leading 
fulfillment corporation and direct marketing organization headquartered in Phoenix Fulfillment Center.
As The Dialogue Company, Best West Direct helps clients build strong relationships with Fulfillment Corporation business and consumer audiences by facilitating ongoing, two-way communication. Founded in 1985, Best West Direct Arizona Fulfillment and Phoenix Fulfillment applies a suite of in-house resources to develop and execute innovative, end-to-end business solutions, delivering results that drive client success. Primary industry segments include automotive, pharmaceutical, health care, retail, travel and leisure, and consumer packaged goods.
January 25, 2012